The Balinesin and the non Balinese

Warung Bali

Hello, we are Putri and Andre. Since we are together, we fly every other year to Putri's home, Bali. Since we can't travel because of the current travel restrictions, we miss the island and its flair: the people there, the sea, the air but also the distinctive culinary. So we thought, why not bring a part of Bali to us in Germany? Immediately we put the idea into action and created this online Shop for products from Indonesia and other Asian countries.

At the same time, it is important for us to share with you the little secrets of how to prepare your own Balinese and Indonesian food. We provide as many ingredients as possible, so that you also satisfy your wanderlust a little.

Cook and bake with passion

I would like to share my creations with all of you. I look forward to your feedback.

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Future vision

The next step

Our assortment is to grow. Especially local Balinesian products shall find their way more and more into our Shop in the future. On Bali has developed in the last decade a thriving economy around the theme of sustainability and organic farming. We want to bring these regional products to Germany for you. We are in contact with local producers and can't wait until we can provide you with all the heavenly delicacies.

However, our offer is not limited to food. There is much more to discover on Bali: clothing, handicrafts or care products from traditional production we do not want to withhold from you. We want you to experience the whole variety!

Promotion of the villages

On Bali there are unfortunately some villages which are almost cut off from the outside world. In some cases, the people there are forced to travel to the cities to beg. Since these regions are uninteresting for the tourism industry, they are also excluded from the supply and economic development opportunities. Our heart's desire is to support these people.

After integrating our business on Bali, our concern is to cooperate with the villages and get people into employment that is fair and profitable for them. Since we are running an export business, the employment will become independent from the tourism industry. We aim to cooperate with coffee, cocoa and rice farmers. By using their skills, the people should get a fair chance to be able to support themselves in the same way as their fellow men in the tourist areas.